Change KDS Destination of individual iPad

How to change what KDS destinations show up on an individual iPad.


**IMPORTANT** These settings are set up on a PER iPad BASES. This will need to be set for every iPad on site.

First, we will start by switching to the Kitchen Order tab by selecting the button with 3 lines on the top left.

Selecting that will show all the different tabs we are able to select. We will now select the “Kitchen Order” tab to switch over.

We will end up on the page where all the KDS tickets reside. To change what KDS we want to see per iPad, we can select the grey circle with 3 lines that get smaller as they go down, at the top left.

This will create a new pop-up with all the available KDS options. Go ahead and select and deselect which ones want for this iPad. Hit “OK” when you are finished.

Now we can see we have deselected “Grill KDS” and it does not show up in the list at the top right. This will only show the KDS we are currently viewing on this iPad.