Change KDS Notification Interval

How to change the interval of how often the KDS will remind you to look at new tickets within the KDS.


These settings are set up on a PER iPad BASES. This will need to be set for every iPad on site.

First, we will start by switching to the Kitchen Order tab by selecting the button with 3 lines top left.

Selecting that will show all the different tabs we are able to select. We will now select the “Kitchen Order” tab to switch over.

From this new page, we can see all the KDS tickets that are in the system. We will go to the blue cog/gear at the top right of the screen to get to the settings for the KDS.

From here we can see the “KDS Ticket Notification Interval”. We can select the drop-down to see more options.

We can select anywhere from 5-seconds to 30-minute intervals.

Now that we have our new interval selected, we can hit the “Save” button at the bottom right to save this change.