Change or Update Menu Style Views

Give your menu a marketing face lift

These five different options for menu layout will not only enhance your already great Menu but can also be used to display items you would like to highlight strategically!

Menu Style Graphics_06222021

These "Menu Layouts" are applied to your Menu on a per-category basis. Because your Menu is made up of multiple different categories, you will be able to use a variety of layouts across the Menu.


  1. To get started, Log in at, or log into the Table Needs app!

  2. Navigate to the "Menu Admin" section by clicking the "Menu" icon on the left side of the screen.

  3. By default, you will be moved over to the "Menus" tab. If you're currently in another section of Menu Management, you will want to make sure you are switched over to the "Menus" tab now.

  4. Next, find the Menu that you would like to edit and click on it. The "Edit Menu Item" window will appear.

  5. You can see that all of the menus items are listed out and separated by category. Each category is highlighted in a light blue box. At the top right corner of this box is an icon/name specifying which layout is in use for this category.

  6. Click on the name of the current "Category Layout." A "pop up" will appear that displays the different layout options for the category. Click on the desired style to apply it to that category!

  7. You can then go through your Menu and strategically apply these styles to your different categories. Doing so will change the way that your guests view and interact with your Menu!


When you are finished, make sure to click the blue "Save" button & then publish the Menu to have these changes applied.



What Menu styles are available?

Menu Design Styles

  1. Item List: This style is the default style applied to a category when first added to a menu. Menu items will be listed with the category as a header. Menu items feature an arrow to show they are tappable. When tapped, the ability to save the item to your order appears.

  2. Item Cards: Menu items will feature photos in a grid with the category header at the top of the list

  3. Category Cards: Menu items will be hidden within a category card. You can customize the color or add an image for the category card. When you tap on the category card, the menu items for that category will be listed.

  4. Featured: Menu items will feature photos in a horizontal scroll list

  5. Category Message: Display a category as a message. This category is the only one that does not require menu items. All other menu categories need menu items to appear on the Menu.

    Do you want to add new images to your menu items and show them off in your category views? Learn how to add images in our tutorial here!