Change Prices on Menu Items

Update, edit or change prices for menu items


Updating the prices on your menu shouldn't take time out of your busy schedule. Our Menu Management makes it quick and easy!


  1. Log in at, or log into the Table Needs app!

  2. Navigate to the "Menu Admin" section, by clicking the "Menu Icon" that's located on the left side of the screen.

  3. Click on the "Menu Items" tab, located at the top of the screen.

  4. From here, scroll through the list of Menu Items to find the one that you are wanting to make edits to, and click on it.

  5. This will open an "Edit Item" page, that allows you to set all details for your item.

    If this item has variations turned off, you set the price in the field to the right of the item's name. If variations are turned on, you will have separate fields just below to set the price for each variation.

  6. Once finished with your edits, click the blue "Save" button!

Don't forget to publish your menu when you're done! Without doing so, your new prices will not be updated on your customer-facing menus!



Thinking about applying variations to some of your Menu items? Learn how here!