Change the quantity/threshold of an item

How to set the quantity and threshold of items within the inventory tab.


First, we will start by switching to the inventory tab by selecting the button with 3 lines top left.

This will open a sidebar that will give us different tabs to select within the point of sale. We will be selecting the Inventory tab.

We will now be on the inventory tab. We can select the category of the menu item on the left of the page. After we select the category, we can select the menu item we wish to switch between an Inventory and Status item.

Once you select a menu item, it will bring up a new page that looks like the image below. We can see a toggle at the top of this pop-up. Go ahead and set this toggle to the “Inventory” side.

If we switch the top toggle over to “Inventory” we can see the Inventory side settings for this menu item. Once we switch over, it starts off set as Unlimited but we can toggle this and set our own quantity and threshold for this item.

After toggling the Unlimited check box, the quantity and low qty threshold are now available to edit.


After setting these quantities, we can select save to set this item as an inventory. Once the quantity falls to 3 or lower, it will alert you that may need to repurchase this item to replenish your stock.

When finished, hit the save button at the bottom right of the popup. This will save any changes you made to the item.