Creating and Adding Modifiers to Menu Items

How to create modifiers within the POS and add it to a menu item.

We will start on the Menu Management tab in the point of sale. From here we will see there are a few tabs at the top of the page. We will select “Modifiers” to switch over to create modifiers.

Modifier Groups: We can see that there are Modifier Groups within this tab. If we do not have any modifier groups, we will create one by selecting the “Add Modifier Group” at the top right of the screen. This will bring us to a new screen where we can add the name of the Modifier Group and even add the Modifiers we want in this group with how much they will cost if they have a price associated with them.  When you are finished, you will select “Save” at the top right to create this modifier group with associated modifiers.

Modifiers: If you wish to add modifiers to a group after the group has been created. Go back to the modifier page and directly select a modifier group. This will bring up the page that will let us rename the modifier group and rename/reprice old modifiers and add new ones by selecting the “Add Modifier Item” at the bottom of the group. When you are done, we can select the “Save” button at the top right to save our changes. 

Associate Modifier with Menu Items: After we have created our modifier groups and modifiers, we will switch to the “Menu Items” tab at the very top of the page. This will show all our available Menu Items. We can select a menu item we wish to add these modifiers to. After selecting the menu item, it will bring us to the page to edit the menu item. There will be a specific part of this page that allows us to add, remove, and edit which modifiers are associated with this menu item. Select “Add Modifier” if there are no modifiers associated or “Add Modifier Group” if there are already modifiers associated. This will bring up a new page that will show all the available modifier groups that are not already associated with this menu item. Go ahead and select one and you will see it in the menu item’s modifier group listings. We can now select the individual modifiers that we wish to add to this menu item. Select all modifiers we want to associate to this menu item from here and we can finish this off by hitting the “Save” button at the top right of the page.

Publishing changes: To finalize these modifier changes, we will change over to the top tab that says “Menus”. We will see “Unpublished Changes” in the POS Menu. We can hit the “Publish All Menus” button to finish these changes and send these edits to the live menus for the employees to be able to use on menu items.