Difference between Open, Closed, and All pages

Learn what the difference between Open, Closed, and All on the Order tab for Table Needs point of sale.

Here we will be going over the beginning steps to using the order tab and explaining what the differences between the Open, Closed, and All pages are.

Open: This is where all current checks are located that have not been closed and either do not have a payment or only have a partial payment and are not ready to be archived and are saved to be used at a later date/time.

Closed: This is where all checks go after full payment has been taken and the store is ready to archive this check for historic reasons. This is also the place where most often you will go to refund checks when needed.

All: This is a combined list of all checks that are open and closed and will show every check that hasn’t been discarded within the system. You can work on open checks and take payment on them or reprint or refund closed checks from this location as both types of checks show up here