How can I get involved? (Staff)

If you're a server, bartender, manager or host who wants to learn about the technology in your store, you're in the right place.

First off, welcome to Table Needs! We're so excited for you to be interested in learning more. Our vision is to empower staff to want to be experts in the tech and to help us improve and become the most powerful point of sale on the market. Your feedback will make it possible. 



What do we offer?

Your restaurant may be signed up for one or multiple of our products. Here's what we offer.

  1. Point of Sale

  2. Online Ordering

  3. Digital Menus

  4. Order & Pay

  5. Waitlist

Become an expert

We have Table Needs Academy where you can get certified in Table Needs. Complete a course and encourage your fellow employees to as well. Encourage your boss or manager to incentivise others to take the courses too.



Book a consultation or Training

Talk with a Restaurant Success manager and consult on your professional goals or work on training. We want to help.