How to connect a Wifi Reader

How to connect a wifi reader to the point of sale.

We will be learning to connect the Wifi card reader to the point of sale.

First, we will start on the Order tab of the point of sale. To connect a reader, we will need to select the blue “Plus Sign” at the bottom right of the screen.

From here we can see, top right, that there is no card connected because it says “Not Connected” with a red dot next to it.

This will bring up a page with all the available readers. This will be blank if there are no readers available. We will select the ”Add a Wifi Reader” button at the bottom of this screen.

From here we will see a screen that will show a registration code and a reader label. The Reader label can be any name of your choice. The most common name is the store name followed by a number if there are multiple card readers. To get the Registration Code, we will need to switch to the card reader itself.

Now we will switch over to the credit card reader to get the registration code.This is the main page on the credit card reader should sit at.

Swiping from left to right on the screen will bring up this side bar that says “Settings”. Selecting Settings will bring up a request for an Admin PIN.

If you need this Admin PIN, please call or text Support at (720)821-4691 for this PIN.

Once you get the PIN entered, we will come to this screen. Go ahead and select “Generate pairing code” to get the pairing code for the point of sale.

Here we can see a pairing code that consists of 3 words with dashes in between. Type this into the “Registration Code” line on the point of sale.

Once we have the registration code and a name for the card reader inputted into the point of sale, we can hit “Register” to finish pairing the devices.

After hitting “Register” on the reader, we can see the point of sale now says “Connect” on this device. Go head and hit the “Connect” button.

From here we will see that it says “Connected” with a green dot at the top right showing that the device is now connected.