How to connect an M2 bluetooth card reader

How to connect an M2 Bluetooth card reader to the point of sale.

We will be learning to connect the M2 card reader to the point of sale.


First, we will start on the Order tab of the point of sale. To connect a reader, we will need to select the blue “Plus Sign” at the bottom right of the screen.

From here we can see, top right, that there is no card connected because it says “Not Connected” with a red dot next to it.

This will bring up a page with all the available readers. This will be blank if there are no readers available.

If there are no available readers to select from this page, please, check the M2 card reader itself for a button on the side of it. Pressing this button should indicate lights and a noise from the M2 reader when turning on.

From here, press the exit “X” button top left

Select “Not Connected” again to refresh this screen.

We will see the Stripe M2 reader show up in the list of devices on the point of sale. Go ahead and select “Connect” 

You will see “Connected” top right of the screen now and the M2 reader is now connected. To confirm this, select “Connected” and it will bring you back to the card reader connection screen.

We can now see it says “Disconnect” next to the stripe reader. This lets us know that it is connected and the only available option is to disconnect from it now.