How to Create a Menu Item

How to create a menu item within the point of sale and place it on different menus for both employees in-house and customers to use online.


First, we will start by switching over to the Menu Modifier tab in the point of sale. We will get there by selecting the three lines at the top left. This will bring up a navigation bar that we can use to select the Menu Modifier Tab.

Selecting that button, we can see all the available options. Here, we can select “Menu Management” to start creating a category.

Once we are here, we can see the different tabs at the top to select. We will select the “Menu Items” tab at the top.

From here, we can see the previous Menu Items that we can select to be able to edit them and the “+ Add Menu Items” button that allows us to create new menu items. We will create a new menu item for this example. Go ahead and select the “+ Add Menu Item”.

Once we select “+ Add Menu Item”, we can see a long list of fields to fill out. We will go through and explain each of these fields individually.

  1. Name: This will be the full format version name of the item.
  2. ShortHand Name: Here will be a shortened version of the name that will go on receipts.
  3. Price: This will be the price of the item (This will be greyed out if “Has Variations” is checked off)
  4. Show Price on Menu: This will allow you to not show the price of this item on the online menu for your customers if you so wish.
  5. Has Variations: Here we can see what happens when we check off the “Has Variations” field. This field will expand and show more options. We can fill in the 2 variations it shows and even add more with the “+ Add Variations” button below.
  6. Item Image: This will be where the image can be submitted for the online menu.
  7. Item Description: This will be where the item description can be submitted for the online menu.
  8. Modifiers: Here, we can ad modifier groups to the menu items. You will add the category first and then select the modifiers you wish to add from that modifier group afterward.
  9. Availabilities: To select which availabilities this item is on to set when this item is available to order.
  10. Service Options: Which service options this menu item will be available on.
  11. Destinations: Which kitchen printer or screen you wish to send this item to.
  12. Categories: Which categories you wish this item to be available on.
  13. Allergens & Labels: If there are any allergens or additional labels that need to be on this item.

Once we finish this menu item, we will come back to the top and select “Save” at the top right to finalize this item.

Once we have this menu item created and set for a category, we can go ahead and activate it on a menu.

We will go ahead and switch back over to the “Menus” button at the top. From here we can select “POS Menu” to start adding this new item to the menu.

Existing Category

From here, we can scroll down until we find the category we added this menu item to, and select “Edit Category” to see all available items.

From here, we can see all the available items to select and deselect for this category. Checking them off will add them to the menu item and removing the check will remove it from the menu.

We deselected “Pastelitos” in this example and now it shows 2 of 3 items are being used for this menu category.

To finalize this change, we can go back to the top and select “Save and Publish” to publish this change to the menu.

New Category

If we created a new category, we can scroll all the way down and see “+ Add Category”. Select this and we will see all the available categories that are not on the menu.

Here we can see a new category that was not added to the menu.

Selecting this will show all the menu items that are attached to this category. We can select this item to add it to the menu as well. We can hit “Save” after we select this menu item.

We can finish these changes by going back to the top and selecting “Save and Publish” to finalize these changes we have just made and push them to the menu and have the ready to use.