How to create Availabilities

How to create availabilities within the system to set up what menu items are available at certain times.

IMPORTANT: Availabilities are for online menus only. 

First, we will start by switching over to the Menu Modifier tab in the point of sale. We will get there by selecting the three lines at the top left. This will bring up a navigation bar that we can use to select the Menu Modifier Tab.

Selecting that button, we can see all the available options. Here, we can select “Menu Management” to start creating a category.

Once we are here, we can see the different tabs at the top to select. We will select the “Availabilities” tab at the top.

From here we can see previous availabilities and the “+ Add Availability” button. To edit a previous availability, go ahead and select one from the list below. For this example, we will go ahead and start a new availability by selecting the “+ Add Availability”

Here we can see a few fields that we will explain how these work.

  1. Name of Availability: Where we will give the name of the availability we are creating
  2. Time Slot Size Toggle: Here we can toggle our time blocks between 1 hour, 30 min, and 15 min. Selecting these will show different granularity on the left side of the calendar.
  3. Calendar: Where we will input the actual times of when our items are available.

Once we have a name on the availability, we can start inputting the actual calendar timing Go ahead and select the starting time on the first day you wish to set.

This will set a 1-hour block of time on your calendar with two nodules at the top right and bottom left. Use these nodules to expand this block of time to more or less time.

Here, we dragged the bottom left nodule down to extend this time slot from 8 am to 12 pm as the time period for Monday.

Once we have our availability calendar filled out. We can finish this availability by hitting the “Save” button at the top right. This will finalize the changes we made to this availability.

Now we can see both availabilities within the system after saving it.