How to do a refund

How to refund a cash and card transaction on a check to include both partial and full refunds.

First, we will start on the Order tab of the point of sale. We will begin by selecting the toggle at the top that says “Closed”.

From here, we can see all the closed orders. We can use the “Spy Glass” next to the toggles to bring a pop-up and search for the order. After finding the order, go ahead and select it to open it up.

When we open the order, it will show up like this. We can select “Payment” to find the page we need to refund this order.


Full Refund

To do a full refund, we will select the “Full Refund” button on this screen. This will bring up a prompt to make you confirm this refund.


We will select “Confirm” to finish this full refund.

After selecting “Confirm” we can see the full amount refunded on the order.

Partial Refund

For a partial refund, we will be selecting the button with the arrow down.

We will see it as none of these are filled out. We can also see how much it is possible to fill out in each of these fields, right above them with the amount that was paid out to each of these fields.

Filling out any of these fields will have the “Refund” button become filled out and available to select. 

After selecting the “Refund” button, we can see the final “Confirm” refund pop-up. After selecting “Confirm” it will finish the partial refund.

We can see the partial refund amount on the order now.