How to print a check without payment

How to print a receipt for a check before taking payment for it. This can be used as a way to show a guest how much they owe before they actually pay for it, as in a sit-down restaurant as an example.

We will start on the open order screen of the orders tab. Start a new check by selecting the plus screen bottom right and go items on the check as normal. When it is time to save the check for later, if the guest wishes to receive a copy of the check before paying for it to look at it or it fits your business style to show the guest the check before they pay, we will begin from here. Select the button with three dots at the bottom left. On the new box that shows up, you will see “Print Check” go ahead and select that. This will bring up every printer that is available to print this on. Go ahead and select the print you wish to print this from. You will see the “Print Check” bottom go from grayed out to lit up. Go ahead and use the “Print Check” button now and this will print out the check to give to the guest.