How to reprint/resend a check after payment

How to reprint a check after payment has been taken at a guests request.

First, we will start on the Order tab of the point of sale. We will begin by selecting the toggle at the top that says “Closed”.


From here, we can see all the closed orders. We can use the “Spy Glass” next to the toggles to bring a pop-up and search for the order. After finding the order, go ahead and select it to open it up.


When we open the order, it will show up like this. We can select “Payment” to find the page we need to reprint the order.


After selecting “Payments” we can see a few buttons in blue at the top right of this pop-up. Go ahead and select the button in the shape of a printer.


From here, it will ask what printer to print this receipt from. After selecting the printer you want and hitting “Print Receipt” this will reprint the order you selected for the guest.