How to send an order to the kitchen without payment

How to send an order to the kitchen without taking payment from the guest. This can be used in the case where a guest sits down to eat and pays for the check later.

We will start on the open orders screen of the orders tab. Start a new check by selecting the plus sign at the bottom right. Go through the flow of a check as normal until all the items you wish are on the itemized check list to the left. We will then select the button with three dots to the bottom right. This will bring up a new box with a few options. One of those options is “Send without paying” Once we select that, it will send a ticket off to their respective printers/displays for the kitchen to start preparing for the guest. This will bring up a new page that will ask if we want to print/send an itemized version of the check to the guest as well. Once we select our option here, we can go back to the check. We can back out of the check, as it is already saved, and press the back button at the top left of the screen. You can now go about your day on the point of sale and return to this check at any time.