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Navigating & Viewing Orders for Quick Service Point of Sale

How to Navigate the Orders section of your Quick Service Point of Sale

In this guide, we walk through the "Orders" portion of your Point of Sale! Explaining the different sections and showing you how to view, search, and understand the orders you might come across. So read on below to start getting familiar!

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When you first log in to the Table Needs App, you automatically will be taken to the Orders and Requests screen shown above. However, if you are elsewhere within the Point of Sale, you can quickly get back to the orders page by clicking on the "Server Hand" on the left side of the screen.

Switching from Full Service to Quick Service


Depending upon your restaurant's setup, you could have different options for toggling between Quick Service (Orders) or Full Service (Tables). Regardless of whether you are using our Quick Service system by itself or parallel to our Full-Service system. You will want to make sure you are on the Orders tab. (See image below).


CleanShot 2021-12-13 at 22.25.40


Orders Page "Views"


Just below the options for switching between Orders, Tables, and Needs. You will see a similar set of "Tabs" that allow you to change between "View All Orders", "View Employee Orders" and "View My Orders". Check out the chart below to learn more about each of these views.


View All Orders


shows you all orders that have been submitted, regardless of where they originated from. This button shows all orders submitted by Servers and ones submitted through our Order & Pay offering.

View Employee Orders


"View Employee Orders" shows you all orders that were directly submitted by a server or employee in your restaurant. This excludes any orders that might have been submitted through Order & Pay or elsewhere.

View My Orders


"View My Orders" shows you all orders that have been taken and submitted into the system by you directly


(Note: if your restaurant is not currently using Order & Pay, both of these options will produce the same view)


Understanding the Orders Page

Once you have clicked one of the "View Orders" buttons shown above. You will be taken to the following screen. 


CleanShot 2021-12-21 at 14.23.14

This screen is the main navigation for Creating, Viewing, and Making Changes to orders in your restaurant. This page is a great resource to get an overall look into your restaurant's recent orders and provides us with some key information. Each order has important details listed to the right of them. Let's take a look at what each of these fields means! 

The chart below gives a brief description of each field associated with an order.

Understanding the Orders Page

(Note: "ID" is a unique number that is specific to that exact order in your restaurant, and in our system. When contacting our Support Team about an order, please include this ID Number)

Viewing a Specific Order


If you would like to get more information on a specific order. All you have to do is click on it! When doing so, it will open a page similar to the Order Creation page. The view that you see depends on the status of that order. 


Viewing Paid Orders

When clicking on an order that has a "Paid" status. You will see a screen that looks like the below image. As labeled in the image, you can see all items included in this order, and all charges/totals (Including tax). You can view all processed payments by clicking on the blue "Payments" button, and you can cancel/refund any items on the order by clicking the red "Cancel Items" button.

Untitled (1000 x 750 px)

Viewing Open & Submitted Orders

When clicking on an order with an "Open" or "Submitted" status. The screen shown below will appear. Because these two statuses have not been paid for, they can still have additional items added to them. This screen is the exact same as when creating a new order. As labeled in the image below, you can see items that are currently on the tab, all totals associated with the order, and take payment for the order. Items can also be added to the order by clicking the items on the main part of the page. 

Untitled (1000 x 750 px) (1)

Now that you know how to view orders, let's figure out how to create one! Check out our guide on doing so Here!

As always, if you have any questions for us. You can contact our support team by emailing support@tableneeds.com. And for urgent matters, by calling/texting (720) 821-4691.