Opening and Closing Procedures

Opening & Closing Procedures


Proper Opening Procedures:

  1. Refresh your software on both your KDS and POS for new updates

How to: In the top left corner hit the TN button and screen and system will refresh.

  1. Ensure the card reader is connected on your POS

In the top right corner of your Orders screen check for a green button that says connected. If for some reason it was disconnected, top the ‘not connected’ button and select the reader with the last 4 digits listed on the right hand side of the device.


Proper Closing Procedures:

  1. Plug in each device to the chargers, make sure they are charging.

  2. Go through menu items and ensure all sold out items are no longer marked as sold out.

How to: Go to Inventory and select any of the sold out items and enable the item and save.

3. If your store uses individual logins be sure to log out of your TN account

  • How to: In the top right corner of the POS screen tap your email address and then tap log out.