What do I need to prepare for a TN call?

Best practices to have a successful and engaging meeting

Here are our top tips for ensuring your calls with us will be most beneficial to you and your staff.

Make sure you're in a quiet space with strong WIFI

We'll try to ensure calls are taken place before or after your store is open in order avoid distractions. We do not suggest joining while you're on the floor or at a stadium football game, either.


Use a laptop instead of a phone to join the call

We'll share our screen for almost all of our calls and trainings. Being on a laptop ensures you'll see the highest quality.


Ask questions as we go!

There's no question too small, no suggestion too simple, and no feedback too harsh. We want to hear it all. We want to hear it all so we can improve our product, partnership, and our procedure.


Keep us in the loop

Can't make a call? Weren't able to complete your 'homework' in time? No worries! Call, text, or email us and we'll accommodate. Rescheduling is easy and we know you're busy!


Share with Staff

Don't make the mistake of having Table Needs be a surprise to your staff on the day of launch. We encourage you to invite staff to all the trainings and empower them to know the tech so they can work more efficiently. Let's make a community.

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