What does onboarding look like at Table Needs?

Discover what our most successful partners do for onboarding

Congrats! You've just partnered with the most hands on POS and you can be sure we will be obsessed with seeing your success. Your onboarding experience is essential to having a successful launch and beyond. Being fully engaged with questions we ask on calls, doing your homework, and being actively engaged during training are just a few essential keys to onboarding. See full list of best practices for meetings here.


Below are the meetings we set up to ensure you are successful with our software. While we can combine trainings in order to shorten the time it takes to go live, we highly encourage taking advantage of our full onboarding experience.

Onboarding Events


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Kick Off: Onboarding Foundation  Here we lay the groundwork for your launch. We'll introduce you to the team, set expectations, review your hardware and business set up, and go over the basic information to get your account set up.
Menu Review Our menu review is where we go over the heart of your business; your menu! We'll ask questions to ensure both your Point of Sale and your complimentary digital menu are set up exactly how you'd like. 
Menu Reveal & Menu Management Training We'll reveal your complimentary digital menu and show you the basics of your POS menu. We'll make sure the finishing touches are set on your menu and go over how you can make menu edits on your own with our menu management system.
POS Training Here we'll teach you how to use your Point of Sale Bundle. Depending on what products you have purchased, we'll review scenarios you'll come across in your business and how to use our system to quickly solve any business need.*
Installation Whether you've scheduled a virtual installation or in-person this is the date we'll run tests on your hardware and get you ready to make the switch. We'll go over any additional trainings needed and review the pre-launch checklist to ensure a smooth transition.
Launch Woo-hoo! It's time to go live. We'll just be over here watching orders roll in and be by your side to cheer you on. We see your launch as a cause for celebration and this is the day we celebrate our partnership and your success.