What is the destination of an item?

What the destination field inside of a menu item is and how to use it correctly.

We will start on the Menu Management tab of the point of sale. At the top you will see the Menu Items tab. When you select this you will see all your menu items within the system. You may be looking at these different columns for your menu items and be wondering what the “Destination” column is for and is it ok that some of these say “No Destination”. YES! That is completely normal for some menu items. The destination attribute of a menu item is purely to show either which kitchen screen or kitchen printer this item is going to be sent to/printed from when you send this item to the kitchen. If this item does not need to be prepared, it would have “No Destination” as there is no kitchen ticket that needs to be created from this item. If this item needs to be sent to the grill, there would more than likely be either a grill screen or a grill printer that this item would be sent to and therefore would have that destination be set for this item. Once this item is either paid for or just simply submitted to the kitchen from the order screen, this will print/send to the destination that was selected within the menu items tab.