What tests should I run before launch of my POS?

Here are a few tests to run through before going live.

We do everything we can pre-launch to make sure you're set to go, but nothing works better than doing a few tests for yourself.


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Test your POS before launch to assure a smooth launch.

  • Complete all trainings (menu management and POS): It’s important to us you feel confident and empowered using Table Needs

  • Log in with apple ID at least 48 hours prior to going live: Ensure everything is working with your apple ID

  • Make sure Credit Card reader is connected: Run a few test transactions to ensure they processed correctly and as expected

  • Double check all connections are properly plugged in: We know this sounds silly but it’s always best to check. See Your pack list for more information

  • Verify Settings in KDS are configured correctly (per KDS): In the upper left corner select KITCHEN DISPLAY (KDS)

  • Create a test order to kitchen: Create an order and send it to the KDS to make sure the destinations are properly set

  • Print a receipt: Ensure that everything is being routed properly

  • Open your cash box: Ensure that all connections are (perfect)

Note: This should be included in your POS Package Troubleshooting Guide. Request a copy from your RSM if you'd like a printable checklist version.