Workflow of an average KDS ticket

Learn the workflow of a kitchen ticket within the point of sale.

Start out on the Kitchen Display tab of the point of sale. We will assume that the order has been finished with items that are assigned to go to the KDS. When this order is sent to the kitchen, either by sending it directly or paying for the order, this will send it to the KDS with a Submitted status and in gray. Once the kitchen acknowledges a ticket within the KDS, they will set it to the status of In Progress by selecting the button “Mark In Progress”. This will also turn the ticket orange, distinguishing it from the other tickets in the KDS. This will let the other parts of the restaurant know that the order has been acknowledged and they are starting to work on it. Once the item is finished, the kitchen will mark this ticket as Completed by pressing the “Mark Completed” button. This will turn this item green and will be ready for its final status of Delivered. This will be marked as Delivered when the item has been prepared and delivered to the guest. Once the food is set to Delivered, by selecting the “Mark Delivered” button, this item will remove itself from the Open tab of the KDS and will move over to the Closed tab at the top.

Reopening a ticket: We can reopen a ticket by going to the Closed tab at the top of the KDS. From here we can see all the green, closed KDS tickets. We will see the button “Reopen Ticket” at the bottom of these tickets and this will allow us to start the cycle of the KDS ticket over again by resubmitting it to the Submitted status and allow the kitchen and wait staff to start the whole process again if necessary.